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Listing ID #: 11044 Passive Income: 25%-30% Annual ROI on $40K Investment

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  • October 31, 2017
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  • Buying/Selling on Cleveland, Ohio's West Side

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Passive Income Partnership:

Earn 25%-30% Annual ROI on $40K Investment

John Lydic, founder of REI Free Classifieds and veteran real estate investor, is seeking funding partner for a conservative buy/sell operation in Cleveland, Ohio.

Put an extra $2,000 to $3,000 dollars in your pocket every few months. (The opportunity exists, after completing a few deals, to double investment, thus, doubling income.)

A great income opportunity for individuals who, otherwise, do not have the time and/or experience, but want to earn the higher-than-average return that real estate affords.

A 25% to 30% annual return is based on the sale of 4 to 5 houses at an average $5,000 net profit per house, split 50/50 ($2,500 each). Partner's investment and profit is returned upon the sale of each house, so profits are realized throughout the year.

Investor maintains control of funds by providing certified checks or wiring all substantial monies directly to escrow agenicies where transactions are closed.

All properties are bought and sold through a land trust. The land trust serves primarily as the agreement between you, the investor/beneficiary, and me, the trustee/beneficiary. The land trust simply describes a partnership, provides protection and allows for anonymity.

Upon closing the sale of a purchased property, proceeds are wired to trust account by escrow agency. Prior to distribution of funds, settlement statement and a breakdown of all expenses are provided. Investor receives a check for the total investment including all expenses, plus 50% of net profit.

A $2,000 good faith deposit is required to initiate partnership and will be used for earnest money and miscellaneous expenses on the first deal. Each deal is an independent agreement between us. So, once the first deal is complete and you're happy with the process and return, you'll send another $2K, and we'll go after our second, and so on.


John Lydic
(440) 454-4321
[email protected]