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Posting Guidelines

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Please read and follow our posting guidelines. Failure to adhere to our guidelines will result in ad removal and/or account suspension.

5 Unique Listings per User, Company or Independent Rep: 5 is the maximum number of ads allowed per user at any given time, except for those posting individual property ads. If you have reached the limit, a listing must be deleted before another one can be placed.

Unlimited Property Ads: If you wish to post inventory of more than 5 properties, please Contact Us. We'll fix you up by placing you in a special "Unlimited Properties" user group (free). Please do not post duplicate properties. If you wish to top-list an individual property, you must first delete the initial posting.

Regions: All listings require a region to be selected during the listing process. However, all ads are shown at the national level, which is the default level of our Home Page. National or multi-state service providers will likely choose "Nationwide / Multistate Service." Specific service areas may be indicated within the listing. They may also choose to target specific regions by selecting a state and metro area instead or in addition to selecting "Nationwide / Multistate Service."

All individual property listings must indicate the state and metro area where the property is located. "Nationwide / Multistate Service" or "Statewide Service" should never be selected for specific property ads. Again, all property listings are available for viewing at the national level as well as the state level.

Stay on Top: If you wish to stay on top of your category's browsing page without deleting and reposting, you may choose one of our featured options during the listing process. Featured listings appear at the top on a rotational basis with other listings, which share the same premium status.

Or ... Own a Category by Regional Browsing Level All to Yourself by advertising with us. Stake your claim on specific categories with your brand or business. Represent individual categories as sole advertiser for chosen regional browsing levels. Learn more.

United States Only - Site and Category Appropriate: Please take a good look at our main and sub-categories before posting. We probably have a specific category for you. We're a niche site, but we're the most comprehensive classifieds on the Web within our niche. All listings on REI Free Classifieds must be site and category related.

International Companies, which serve the United States with REI-related products or services, may place listings, only if the company has a US office and/or US contact information. Posting of real property, which is located outside the United States, is not permitted.

Individual Property Listings Only in Real Property Categories: All real property categories, which include "By Investor or FSBO," "By Agent or Broker," "For Sale w/Options" and "For Rent/Lease," are for specific properties only. If you wish to place a listing promoting yourself or your company in general, we have appropriate categories for you under "Haves & Wants."

Investor Interest Only: All properties posted for sale, whether by investor, FSBO or agent, shall be of investor interest. Investor interest may include equity, income, rehab and/or development value. REI Free Classifieds has full discretion and will remove listings deemed not to be particularly interesting to investors.

Consumer interest exceptions: We offer a "For Rent/Lease" category primarily for investors to market their rental properties. Also, the "For Sale w/Options" category will be of interest, not only to investors, but to savvy home buyers or home buyers with credit issues. A valid investor strategy is to rehab a property and offer purchase options. Market value or higher is often the price one has to pay in order to enter into such option agreements. Therefore, market-value homes are permitted in the "Homes w/Options" category.

Owned, Contractually Controlled or Authorized Representation: All properties posted shall be owned, contractually controlled or posted by authorized representatives.

Bogus Property Ads: REI Free Classifieds will not tolerate bogus property ads, sometimes referred to as 'marketing' by less than scrupulous 'educators.' Postings deemed as bait and switch, fabrication or marketing of properties, which are neither owned nor controlled by advertiser, will be removed and accounts suspended.

* We have appropriate categories under "Haves & Wants," which you may use to invite users to get on your VIP or buyers list.

Contractors: We include contractors as a major part of our platform, which is a natural fit for the real estate investing community (aka, your customers). Also, our state-of-the-art SEO triggers impressive search engine results. Together with our marketing efforts, your listings reach the general public in addition to our industry niche. Our site is open to all contractors and category-related construction products and services.


Why register?

Because it's quick, easy and free. And registration benefits all users. Registration provides all users with special privileges, such as, a personal admin page, favorites list and use of our messaging system.

Note: We do not collect or use your registration information for any reason, other than to help us help you as it relates to the use of our site. We do not sell, trade or otherwise distribute your information.

Registration is NOT required to browse our site. And we do not hide any listing information from non-registered users.

Registration IS required to post ads. It helps prevent irrelevant listings and spam. Registration also enables us to provide you with a personal account page, ad management and privacy settings.

Nothing is free, right? So how are you able to offer this "free" service?

Our income model is paid advertising through unique category-specific leaderboard banners. As we grow, we expect to bring in enough advertisers to be self-sustaining. The bigger we get, the more advertisers we draw. When you post an ad, we get new content to market across the web. You get free advertising and free marketing; we get more users and more advertisers. The more advertisers we have, the more we can grow our team and better serve our users.

Any surprise fees? Photo fees? Video fees? Renewal fees? Any surprises at all?


However, for those who wish to gain additional and/or enhanced exposure, we offer Listing Extras, which are entirely optional and presented to all advertisers just prior to ad submission. Listing Extras include ad highlighting and featured listing options. Ads may be upgraded at anytime from your account page under active listings. Otherwise, all ads get the same basic treatment, the same free photos and video, the same free links back to your site and the same contact information you wish to make available.

All upgrades are non-refundable. Upgraded ads, which violate our user agreement and/or posting guidelines, will be removed without reimbursement or refund. Refunds are not issued for occasional system downtime, which may include routine maintenance, power outages, connectivity problems and/or equipment failure. In the event of an unexpected or unusually extended period of downtime, which is defined as more than 48 hours, ad expiration will be extended equal to service interruption.

How long do ads run?

All ads expire in 45 days, and we notify you by email, so you may easily renew your ad, if needed. Upgraded ads run an additional 45 days from the date of upgrade.

How do I view listings?

Simply jump into the categories from the Home page.

All listings are shown at the national level, which is the default level of our Home Page. When our site loads, you will see listing counts in parentheses next to each main category. That number represents the number of listings for that category, nationwide, including all the listings within its sub-categories. If you click on a main category, you will see the listing counts for each subcategory, nationwide.

If you are looking for a property in a certain area or a local contractor, you may narrow your search by state and, further, by metro area. If you click on a state from the left column on our Home Page, you will see the category listing counts change according to the number of listings within that state. The counts will narrow further, if you click on a metro area.

A category and regional breadcrumb, which appears horizontally across the top of all classified pages, will help you keep track of your location. Like the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel, the breadcrumb navigation provides links to regions and categories you have visited along the way and allows you to easily turn around and go back the other way.

Note: You can always click the "Home" tab at the top of every page to clear your path and start fresh.

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