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Extraordinarily Quick Sales

of Those Properties, Products and Services that Fit Well within Our Niche

Join us in building a quick-sale, niche platform, which benefits us all through its development.
Your individual participation has a greater impact than you might imagine and is
profoundly appreciated by our growing community.

What Do You Mean by Quick Sales?

Simple. We grow our niche community to the point where all you have to do is post,
and your properties, products and services sell faster than a motorcycle on Craigslist.


Incorporate our platform as a fundamental tool in your marketing arsenal.

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson



1. Relevant Content SEO & Synergistic Marketing: First, we're the new kid on the block challenging the status quo with a unique concept. Since we're not relying on syndication as a crutch, we have lots of categories and regions yet to populate. But don't confuse volume with effectiveness. Our strength lies within our niche.

Our site alone is a marketing powerhouse. Individual listings trigger impressive search engine results by listing title, ad description and keyword tags. Our site creates unique web addresses for individual ads, and listing titles are a part of the URL. Further, our site is built to search content within itself as a part of our search function. Our site works 24/7 behind the scenes to organize relevant content, which makes it easier for search engines to find your ads.

What's really forceful is something most users probably don't even realize we have, a virtual Twitter built right into our site. For those who truly understand the marketing power of Twitter, they know all the magic begins with the "hashtag." Our users can include up to six keywords or keyword phrases (without the hashtag or pound sign) when placing their ads. All listings tagged with the same keywords are categorized and displayed in real time. You can see how this works by clicking on a keyword under the "Tags" section found on individual listings. You can also search by tags in the right column of our home page.

It's important to note that this tagging function is not just a toy confined to our site. All organizational elements within our site have huge implications outside our site. Search engines as well as other less obvious aggregators, collectors and crawlers of information on the web love content organization, and they love tags.

But that's just the beginning. Our phenomenally effective search engine optimization, which harnesses the relevant and complementary content throughout our site, interacts with the deliberate content, keyword and hashtag marketing that we employ on a daily basis with individual listings across the web. The combined effect produces a footprint larger than the sum of all individual contributions to the site and creates a wave that travels much farther than one might expect, simply by placing an ad.

2. Non-Syndicated Listings: We could take the easy route and appear to be instantaneously huge by syndicating listings, but then we'd be just like every other third-party aggregator. We're not; we're a niche site created specifically for the real estate investment community. Within our niche, we serve USA investors, real estate agents, contractors and virtually every industry-related support and professional service. And we offer unparalleled depth within our categories that simply cannot be accommodated by syndication. Syndication requires overly broad categories. That's why you see the collosal, catch-all, "Housing" and "Service" categories at the big-box listing sites.

Bigger is not always better. Third-party aggregators like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com all basically share the same data with varying degrees of gimmickry, and their primary audience is the consumer home buyer. Don't let your commercial or investor-targeted listings get lost in the shuffle. Non-syndicated listings on REI Free Classifieds yield true targeted results. Further, your leads belong to you. No one else can pay to present themselves as the contact for your listing. Note: We accommodate listing templates, such as, Postlets, vFlyer and other HTML-generated templates. However, it's up to you to post.

3. Targeted Classified Advertising: Making sales within a niche market is easier, because users are already interested in or receptive to your properties, products and services. REI Free Classifieds answers a demand for niche marketing within an online classifieds industry, which is dominated by general public sites. Since Craig first started making his list in 1995, the choice of online classifieds for real estate investors, agents, contractors and related service professionals has been limited to the inclusion (or side note) within a broader-based, general public platform. Our effectiveness is choked by dependency on the current regimes in online classifieds. We are seduced by volume, yet stifled by it at the same time.

Specialization is the solution to over-crowding and misdirected advertising for the real estate investing community. Your investor-targeted listings will not compete with boats, cars and casual encounters. Your investment property listings will not be overrun by consumer-based, retail homes. And your ads will not fall off the page as soon as you hit refresh. Help us break the chains of mainstream servitude. Join us as we reclaim and capitalize on our own unique market and free ourselves from the "general public" status quo of the early pioneers.

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No friends, no followers, no comments, no points, no ratings, no reviews, no gimmicks ...
Just high-quality and effective classified advertising!