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Special Rights & Privileges Now Being Conferred to

REI Free Classifieds Stakeholders

Understand the bountiful implications of what we're offering here,
and you will have stumbled upon The Mother Lode.

Stake Your Claim!

One Claim: $24.95/mo (Up to 50% Off on Multiple Claims)

There's GOLD in them thar hills!

Stake Your Claim on Specific Categories with Your Brand or Business
Stakeholders represent individual categories as sole advertiser for chosen regional browsing levels.

Regional browsing levels include a national level, state level and metro area level.

Need a banner? We can help you with that for free.

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Easy Monthly Payments

No shenanigans. You pay monthly through PayPal automatic billing. Cancel easily at any time.

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Stakeholder Rights & Privileges

Prominently Featured Leaderboard Web Banners
Banners are exclusive to categories by regional browsing level. Stakeholders represent individual categories as sole advertiser for the regional browsing levels they choose. Leaderboard web banners top every main category and subcategory browsing page. You may also choose an "On-Every-Listing" banner, which appears on every single listing within a specific category by the regional browsing level selected.

Unrestricted Category Access
Our category banners are open to indirectly related advertisers. This means Stakeholders may lay claim to categories otherwise unavailable to them as regular classified users. As the term implies, "classified ads" are arranged by related listings and must be placed in the most relevant categories. A roofer must place ads in the "Roofing" category. A property manager must place ads in the "Property Management" category. As stakeholders, the roofing company and property manager are free to jump into other "strategic" categories by staking claim to the leaderboard web banners, which are displayed exclusively in the categories they claim.

Roofers and other home contractors, for example, might find it advantageous to advertise directly to those who are inclined to hire them by staking claim to banners in the "Fixer Upper" or "REO/HUD" property categories. Property managers might want to target buy-and-hold investors by advertising in the "Turnkey" or "Multifamily" property categories. A software company serving the commercial real estate industry, a company that would otherwise be confined to the "CRE Tools & Software" category, might want to place a giant leaderboard web banner at the top of the "Commercial Real Estate" or "Apartment Building" categories, and so on.

We know there is a desire among many of our classified users to jump into other categories. We know, because we see ads sneak into other categories every day. And every day, we relocate ads back to their respective categories. However, we understand the urge. And that's why we reward Stakeholders with unrestricted category access through our Stakeholder program.

Free Home Page Logo & Text Ad (with 2 or more banners)
We are allocating a free Home Page Logo & Text Ad with the purchase of any Claim Package (as little as 2 claims). Home page ad space is limited. Once these spots are filled, our home page will be complete. Advertisers who get in early will forever be front page news. Our highly clickable logo & text ads are displayed in the left and right columns as well as the bottom row of our home page.

Free Banner Design
If you have your own banners, great, we can plug them in quickly. If not, we will gladly create banners for you. We can incorporate any graphics or logos that you may already have, or we can start from scratch.

Leveraged OPM (Other People's Marketing)
You might be familiar with the concept of "OPM" in real estate, a way for investors to harness or leverage "Other People's Money" beyond the limits of their own resources. As a Stakeholder, you will reap the benefit of "Other People's MARKETING."

First, we give you 24/7 exposure to an ever-expanding community of prospective customers harvested both organically and via constant social media contact and marketing. We introduce and invite new users to our site every day. More effectively, we market individual classified ads across our well-entrenched social networks, including, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. And we hyper-extend the reach by adding applicable keywords and hashtags. In addition, users post links to their own listings across the Web.

Social media marketing springboards new and repeat users to your web banners around the clock. The magic continues as posts are liked, shared, favorited, blogged, reblogged, tagged, mentioned, reposted and retweeted. Further, our daily flow of fresh content spawns various streams, feeds, lists and collections, which are integrated by various aggregators, online magazines and digital publications. A systematic flooding of the arteries, veins and capillaries, which feed your hungry prospects, creates a tsunami of synergistic backlinks that bring more and more eyes to your properties, products and services. We deliberately create a marketing epidemic for which there is no cure.

Multiple Claim Discounts
The more claims you stake, the cheaper they get, up to 50% off standard rate.

Locked-in Rates
Your rate will never increase for as long as you advertise with us.

Easy Monthly Payments
No shenanigans. You pay monthly through PayPal automatic billing. Cancel easily at any time.

What Sparkles BeneathContact Us

What Is a Stakeholder?

A stakeholder is an individual or business that has an investment in and thus an interest in a commercial enterprise. REI Free Classifieds Stakeholders are advertisers who not only avail themselves of our free classifieds, but lay claim to strategically targeted ad space throughout our site. Ad space is advertising real estate and, like real property, claims appreciate in value as our site grows. Individual claims are both categorically specific and geographically focused.

Claim the rights to exclusive tracts of rich niche advertising terrain as official
representative of the gateway through which your audience travels. A special Home Page
bounty is awarded to stakeholders for early investment.

Miner's Law

First come, first served. Only one stakeholder per unique claim. Once a claim is staked, it's staked. Unless the advertiser who holds the rights to the ad space relinquishes or sells his claim (yes, claim flipping is permitted), the territory belongs to the stakeholder indefinitely, and their bought-in rate never increases.

A claim is a parcel of ad space (728 x 90 pixels) for which a prospector asserts a
right of possession and the right to extract immediate and prospective sales, while building
awareness through which the propensity to purchase is increased.

24-Karat Value

The value lies in the uniqueness of individual claims. All of our claims are exclusive and relevantly located ad spots that provide a direct path for targeting a desired and receptive audience. Our stakeholders represent individual categories and hold a monopoly as sole advertiser for the regional browsing levels they choose. Browsing levels include a national level, state level and metro area level.

Value Illustration: There is ONLY ONE dedicated advertising location at the top of the "Plumbing" category for the "Phoenix Area" browsing level. Might this spot have some value to a plumber in Phoenix? We call it advertising gold. This applies across the board, to all category niches, for all regional markets.

By virtue of learning about this right now, you have a fortuitous advantage
over your competitors. So, we give you this advice, as we give to the investor in Atlanta,
the agent in Los Angeles, the contractor in Chicago, the property manager in Orlando, the hard
money lender in Houston, the home inspector in Indianapolis and so on, stake your claim now.
You don't want to be caught without a chair when the music stops, as REI Free Classifieds
is well on its way to becoming an advertising force to be reckoned with.

Good Reason to Stake Your Claim NOW

We are currently awarding a Free Home Page Logo & Text Ad with all claim packages. Home Page exposure alone is worth more than the price of a package. We offer this special deal to early birds to make reserving category ad space, even in vacant or low-volume categories, advantageous to the advertiser.

At the start of the gold rush, the most common way to mine for gold was with a
large pan. If a miner's pan ended up filled with gold, his claim was said to have "panned out."
Our early bird special gets you started with gold already in your pan.

The Pioneer Payoff

We did the unheard of and launched REI Free Classifieds as a blank slate. Populating the site with borrowed listings from other sites was never a consideration. We have never employed the common tricks of the trade such as data aggregation or listing syndication, inflating user numbers, not expiring ads or posting ads ourselves.

We started with one brave soul who placed an ad, and that ad expired 45 days later. Yet, one by one, new pioneers jumped in to advertise their properties, products and services, and they continue to help develop our burgeoning marketplace. We now have an undeniable foothold with ever-increasing momentum. With each new category or region that gets started, we, as active marketers of your ads, get to exploit another rich vein into the bedrock of the internet.

Each new posting gives us something "real" to market across the web, bringing more eyes to your ads and more users to the site. More users mean more listings; more listings mean more marketing; and more marketing further compounds the dynamics, resulting in exponential growth. So says Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."

The same marketing force will benefit YOU by staking claim as pioneer in any
empty category or region. Be the brave soul who leads a new category or region with your giant
leaderboard web banner guiding the way. Redeem your rewards as the pump is primed and gold begins
to flow. Keep in mind, just because a category or region is empty, doesn't mean users aren't clicking
there every day looking for you. And you will be there, answering their search, directing traffic
to your destination 24/7. Most importantly, you will have secured a lock on a unique
location with exclusive representation as the category or region develops.

Some of the Cheapest Ad Parcels for Sale in America

Step right up, 3 plays for a dollar. Have you ever played the clicks and impressions game? Did you win, or are you still trying to beat the system? Pay per play advertising is a carnival game. Folks, the balloons are underinflated and the points on the darts are dull. The game is rigged. A much better choice is permanent placement banner advertising. The problem is, ad rates for permanent placement banners are typically through the roof.

We are in a unique position. With so many categories available for view at so many different regional browsing levels, we are able to offer laser-targeted advertising at rock-bottom pricing. We make an otherwise cost prohibitive advertising avenue available to investors, real estate agents, contractors and virtually every industry-related support and professional service, dirt cheap.

Our banners are permanently placed, giant leaderboard web banners, coded right into the page and displayed to our users 24/7. Your ads do not rotate with other ads, and you don't have to wonder where your ads are showing, when they're showing and to whom they're being shown. You decide which audience to target through any of our 150+ category niches, and you choose where by selecting from over 300 regionally targeted browsing levels.

A "no-brainer" as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary is something, especially a choice or decision, that is so obvious or easy as to require little or no thought.

First, think of a competitor in your region or in your area of expertise.
Next, picture their web banner at the top of what would be an advantageous category for you.
Now, contact us before they do.

What Are Your Advertising Goals?

Banner ads ideally generate immediate sales, but their role in building product or name recognition make banner advertising a powerful marketing tool, even when they're not clicked. Web banners are both conscious and subconscious guideposts, which progress potential customers from unawareness of your business, product or service to top-of-mind awareness.

You cannot click on the billboards you see along the highway, yet they are still
highly effective sales generators. Banner ads are continuously working billboards with a
clickable option. When the option is executed, you want it to count. We're a niche website serving
a specialized market. So, think conversion over clicks and quality of clicks over quantity.
If your goal is driving traffic, think SEO. If your goal is making sales, think REI.

Buy and Hold, or Flip Your Claims

Sure, why not?

Given the nature of our entrepreneurial, if not independently-minded, community of complementary professionals, whether the tool is a hammer or a pen, our site is ripe with outside-the-box thinkers. And who are we to stifle ingenuity? So, for those creative, resourceful and unconventional idea architects among us, we throw this out there:

Tie up banner locations and resell them, sublease them or bundle them into your own sales packages. Again, advertising space is advertising real estate, and creative deal structuring is limited only by your imagination.

The idea of flipping ad spots, if nothing else, is too absurdly conceivable not to explore. However, whether or not claim-flipping becomes a market in itself, our intended purpose is to provide an affordable and effective avenue for YOU, our users, to buy and hold valuable ad space for the benefit of your own business.

News spreads with the cry of gold! Gold!! GOLD!!! REI Free Classifieds is officially
designated Boomtown. The rush is on. Every pioneer, prospector and profiteer, regardless
of age, education, wealth, status or position has an equal chance of staking a claim. Such riches have
never been so available. So go. Get on your way. There are coyote holes to explore and uncharted
claims to be staked. What's your business? Which categories will you tie up?
What key markets will you dominate?

Contact Us

We make it easy. We show you exactly how everything works, answer any questions
you might have and recommend the absolute best strategic selection of any and all available
claims within your budget. You send us your banners, or we create them for you. We go live with
your banner placements for your review and then send you a link to set up automatic payments.
No long-term contracts. No upfront fees. You pay monthly. Cancel easily at any time.

Claim TypesContact Us

Regional Browsing Levels

All claims are unique locations determined by category and regional browsing level.

Banners are displayed when users browse the categories from a Stakeholder's chosen regional browsing level. The United States level is the website's default browsing level, which means the site opens at the United States level and returns to the United States level any time a user clicks the Home tab.

Users may narrow their category browsing by region from the Home Page (United States level) to the State level and further to the Metro Area level. Banners specific to a regional browsing level are displayed according to the level at which a user browses the categories.

Special Claim 4 - Description & SpecsContact Us

Home Page Logo & Text Ads are displayed in the left and right columns as well as the bottom row of our home page. Your ad's position will either remain or improve. If a Stakeholder relinquishes a claim that is either above you in the left and right columns or before you on the bottom row, your ad's position will move up or over. New Stakeholders automatically get the next highest available spot in the left and right columns or may choose the next available spot in the bottom row.

Formatting Guidelines:

• Logo size: 120 x 60 pixels
• All ads are left justified
• All caps are not permitted
• Appropriate & common punctuation (no symbol artwork)
• All ads must be pre-approved by REI
• Up to two lines for ad title
• Up to four lines for ad copy

Please use the practice fields below to ensure your copy fits. Don't worry. We'll help you with this.

Make Sure Your Ad's Title Fits. Two Lines Max.

Four lines max for ad copy. Copy and paste to a text file like MS Word for your reference. Then email us.

Advertising Info & TermsContact Us

Use your credit or debit card through our preferred payment processor, PayPal. You will have access to a personal dashboard where you can view your transaction history and also cancel your account at any time. PayPal provides you with complete control over your account without the need to go through us. We're here, however, to help and will assist you with any questions or concerns.

Prior to setting up automatic billing, we will get your banners up on the site for your review. We will then send you a PayPal link to set up your account.

Regional browsing levels may be added, narrowed or expanded at any time.

REI Free Classifieds may discontinue its advertising program at any time. If discontinued, all orders will either be honored through final payment, or advertisers will be reimbursed on a prorated basis.

REI Free Classifieds may deny advertiser participation, if content is considered inappropriate or deemed not to be mutually beneficial.

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