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Although REIFREECLASSIFIEDS is well known in the market, we decided to change things up a little by offering an exciting new way to advertise with storefronts!

Storefronts offer the opportunity for increased listings exposure. Below are just a few examples of the advantages you will have when you purchase a Storefront from REIFREECLASSIFIEDS:

  • Unique Storefront URL with Site UserName or the Storefront name you select:
  • --or--
  • Increased listing exposure which helps the chances of selling items.
  • Unique URL path you can advertise in emails, on websites, etc.
  • Owner can turn "off" the Storefront from being displayed during set up and maintenance.
  • A "Storefront" column is displayed on the main site's category pages which will draw the attention of visitors to those sellers who have Storefronts.
  • The Seller's listings automatically populate into the Storefront...nothing more for you to do.
  • Sellers can upload their own logo and slogan.
  • Sellers can choose from any number of Storefront templates on offer.
  • Sellers can create their own category structure unique to their Storefront.
  • Sellers can create and populate their own "extra pages" to provide more information to visitors.
  • Sellers can create their own newsletters and allow visitors to subscribe directly through the Storefront.
  • Sellers can get personal traffic information for their Storefront.


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  3. Welcome message
  4. Custom categories
  5. Custom pages
  6. Store newsletter
  7. Store map location

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